Diane Asitimbay
Author of What's Up America?

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Ten Tips for Successful Relationships with Foreigners

Ten Tips for Successful Relationships with Americans


The second edition of this popular guide to American behavior is completely updated and expanded with two new chapters on sports and health care.

WHAT'S UP, AMERICA? once again takes a humorous look at American behavior based on real questions international visitors and residents ask.

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Diane Asitimbay

Humorous Intercultural Expert, International Educator, Speaker
Author of What’s Up America?

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Uncovering the absurdities of American life with a penetrating wit, Diane Asitimbay gives us a look at our behavior as outsiders view us.

Diane has been called “a powerful and important emerging cultural commentator” for the way she enlightens and entertains us when she dissects our cultural quirks, from the magnets on our refrigerators to the bumper stickers on our cars.

She’s the author of an irreverent guide called What’s Up America? A Foreigner’s Guide to Understanding Americans, which has won the “Fresh Voices 2006” Travel Guide Finalist award.

Diane has been a featured guest on FOX & Friends Morning News, PACE TV, and KPBS Radio, and her articles have appeared in Mobility Magazine and Hispanic.

Diane’s passion is to erase the “Ugly American” image. In her speeches, she humors, inspires and challenges her audience to be culturally smart. She believes that in today’s competitive environment, success in the global marketplace depends on developing genuine relationships with people from other countries or cultures.

Her insights have been found useful to a wide array of organizations including the U.S. Department of State’s Fulbright scholars, the San Diego Consular Corp, and the Citizen’s Diplomacy Council.

Born and raised in Detroit, Diane gets her global perspective from her years as a journalist in Mexico City, her studies in Ecuador and Spain, her travels to Thailand and India, and the culture clashes with her Ecuadorian husband.

A graduate of international relations and bilingual in Spanish, Asitimbay has 20 years of experience helping international students and visitors adjust to the U.S. She currently teaches at the University of California – San Diego.

Speaking, Presentations, and Seminars
You may invite her to speak to your group of any size!

"Diane's workshop "Communicating Across Cultures" motivated our postdoctoral scholars to be more proactive in planning their communications and career goals. I highly recommend this useful workshop.”
— William Zeller, Graduate Division, University of California - Irvine

* * * * *

""The "Understanding American Culture" workshop provided an excellent opportunity for our international graduate students to learn about important aspects of U.S. culture. Through Diane's dynamic presentation style and her interaction with participants, she brought increased cultural competence to our international graduate students. Excellent presentation!”
— William Zeller, Graduate Division, University of California - Irvine

* * * * *

"Diane Asitimbay makes a thought-provoking and profoundly moving case for awareness of other cultures and challenges the way we look at the world. She humorously engaged and entertained our audience as the keynote speaker for our NAFSA Region XII conference.”
— Kasey McCarthy, Co-Chair NAFSA Regional XII Conference

* * * * *

"Diane is a cultural eye-opener. Her speeches are dynamic, humorous, and international in scope.  She makes us laugh at our own attempts to become global citizens." 
— Cath  Kachur, Executive Director, Citizen's Diplomacy Council 

* * * * *

"Diane delivered a highly memorable and instructive presentation at the San Diego Regional CATESOL Conference. Drawing upon years of experience in intensive English programs, where she has taught students from a vast array of linguistic and cultural backgrounds, Asitimbay offered a valuable overview of classroom techniques for ESL teachers working in multi-cultural settings.

The session was attended by an overflow crowd.  The valuable content of the workshop was enlivened by Diane Asitimbay’s cheerful, humorous demeanor and dynamic presentation style.”
— Seth Streichler, ESL Instructor and Workshop Participant


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