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Author of What's Up America?

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Diane Asitimbay offers the following Culturelink workshops

Culturelink Press Programs for Companies, Communities, Non-Profits, and Students. Culturelink Press provides presentations and training programs on intercultural communication, diversity in the workplace, and cultural sensitivity training.. Our services range from a minimum of two-hour presentations to two-day programs.  We provide training for business professionals, international students and educators, host families, and government employees.

Through role plays, interactive exchanges, and video, we answer the questions of the participants and meet the needs of the participants.

Our training courses include the following:

  1. “Say What You Mean!”: Communicating Across Cultures
    Participants will learn how to improve their intercultural communication skills in this two-hour interactive workshop.  We will role-play handshakes, the exchange of business cards, eye contact, conversational styles, gestures, and giving feedback.

    •    Identify the six major cultural barriers to communication across cultures. 
    •    Engaging role-play activities will reveal our communication styles.
    •    Communication skills such as interrupting, holding your turn in speaking, correcting misunderstandings, and returning to earlier topics will be practiced.
    •    Attendees will receive “Say What You Mean,” a useful tip sheet.

  2. “Living and Working in the U.S.
    This workshop is for international professionals relocating to the U.S. It is devoted to easing personal, social and professional adjustments faced in moving to a new country.

    •    Provide practical survival skills to meet the new challenges of living in the U.S.: setting up a home, legal matters, medical care, socialization, and state and local laws.
    •    Uncover U.S. cultural values and dynamics that operate in the workplace
    •    Examine American communication and management styles
    •    Overview of business protocol and U.S. business culture

  3. “Ask Me! Fearless questions about American behavior...

    This workshop is an hour question and answer format where Diane answers questions from participants about American behavior and culture.

    •    Diane will provide a 5-10 minute overview of the challenges in defining American culture but then answer questions raised by attendees.
    •    The goal of this one-hour workshop is to foster a deeper understanding of American behavior.

  4. How Others View Us: Foreigner’s Observations of Americans
    What is it about us as Americans that makes us seem so different to people from other countries? By exploring some of the frequent questions that international people have about Americans, we will look at ourselves and uncover the hidden rules of our culture. In this two-hour workshop, participants will learn how to improve their relationships with foreigners.

    •    Discuss the most frequently-asked questions by international people.
    •    Uncover many American cultural behaviors that differ from other countries.
    •    Attendees will receive the popular tip sheet, “Tips for Getting Along with Foreigners.”

Culturelink Press  “Bridging Differences”

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