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What’s Up America? is popular in schools!

What’s Up America? is useful to so many student populations that it’s being used as a textbook in a variety of classes such as English as a Second Language,  Intercultural training, American Culture, Sociology and Anthropology classes.  Here are but a few of the schools using this popular cultural guide:

  • University of New Orleans
    New Orleans, LA
  • San Diego Community College
    San Diego, CA
  • Intercultural Communication Institute
    Portland, OR
  • Riverside Community College
    Riverside, CA

Workbook available now!
Packed with student exercises
for ESL and American Culture classes!

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“I have been using with my Grade 11 and 12's, of which most are Lao or Swedish or German. The terminology used is excellent for getting kids like mine to understand what America is all about.”

“The kids and myself really liked the way many pages have highlighted items like; Personal vs. Professional, If you open an American fridge, you'll find...It really is a book that is practical and useable.”
— Don Tingley, Vientiane International School, Lao PDR

“America's affinity with the automobile is thoroughly and humorously depicted in What's Up America? The American car culture seems to reign in every American, from teenager to middle aged adult. This is a concept often difficult to grasp for most new foreigners, until they've been here for a little bit and then, yes, they too are bitten. 

“This book contains informative and humorous observations on our American culture.  It is a must for every newcomer.  It answers all those recurrent questions from new and seasoned students.

“It is an excellent reference for teachers of English Language Learners. An easy and fun to use teaching reference.  It’s up to date and current.  I haven't seen anything like it.”

Conni Daigle, ESL teacher at San Diego Community College /Continuing Education