Diane Asitimbay
Author of What's Up America?

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About The Book & Author


1. Growing Up & Growing Old
2. Thinking American
3. Under Our Skin
4. Family Ties & Knots
5. Eat Now, Pay Later
6. English as an Only Language
7. True Friends
8. Crazy for Rules
9. Shrinking Teachers & Growing Grades
10. A House for Display
11. God & Good Luck
12. A Colony of Cars
13. Beauty Marks
14. Pets as Partners
15. Dreaming of Dollars
16. Working: 24/7
17. Flag Fever
18. Material Girls & Boys
19. Coast to Coast
20. Mating Rituals
21. Ills, Pills & Medical Bills
22. A Game for All Seasons


As a foreigner, have you ever had questions for Americans but were afraid to ask them?  Or have you already asked the questions but Americans haven’t answered you?  Look no further. Unlike other books that will tell you what American culture isWhat’s Up America? tackles the why questions foreigners ask Americans and no one wants to answer. Why do American children leave their family homes at 18?  Why are Americans so overweight? Why are Americans so religious? This book investigates the why, uncovers the culture’s hidden rules, and for the first time,  reveals the American psyche to foreigners.

Diane Asitimbay holds a degree in international relations with more than 20 years of experience working with international people.  Widely traveled through Europe and Latin America, Asitimbay has long advocated the need for cross-cultural awareness. 

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PO Box 3538, San Diego, CA 92163  USA